Our Work

The world is changing–and we’re changing with it. At Terrain we’re focused on providing creative solutions for technology startups and new forms of environmental activism.


Terrain acts as a contract, in-house legal team to venture-backed startups, bringing an operator’s perspective to the legal function and providing actionable counsel to our clients.

Right-sized legal counsel for every stage of growth


Equity distribution
Contract templates
Form documents
Seed/Venture financing

Early Stage​

Vendor contracts
Customer/Partner deals
Privacy and data protection
Regulatory compliance

Emerging Growth

HR support
Supply chain and operations
Litigation management
IPO readiness

One of our favorite examples of brilliant technology is the lightbulb. The lightbulb does what it does and then gets out of your way, enabling you to do what you need to do. As soon as you turn on a lightbulb you forget about it. Effective legal counsel should work the same way.

Clearing sand from the gears

Our goal is to help you build your business by doing what we do and then getting out of your way. Legal issues can be frustrating stumbling blocks for startups–from incorporating and distributing founders’ equity to negotiating contracts with large customers or partners to navigating regulatory requirements and dealing with patent trolls. We help you clear sand from the gears so you can get back to work.

Doing this effectively means contextualizing legal risk relative to all the other risks your business is facing. With any legal issue there are some things you should care about and a lot you really shouldn’t. Where other lawyers can get wrapped around the axle, we cut to the chase and help you make intelligent decisions in light of the risks you’re facing and the opportunities in front of you.

Product Specific Approach

It also means taking a very product-specific approach. As in-house counsel, we roll up our sleeves and really get to know your products and go-to-market motion so we can tailor our counsel to what actually matters. That way we’re all speaking the same language.

But the greatest legal advice in the world doesn’t do you much good if you don’t pick up the phone or send the email for fear of being gouged. Our billing rates and flexible arrangements are designed to take the pain out of getting your lawyer involved.