Terrain is an in-house legal team for venture-backed startups and a group of people dedicated to protecting the environment.


We help startups grow by implementing scalable solutions to irritating problems and generally helping keep sand out of the gears. Like a good in- house lawyer, we understand that legal risk pales in comparison to most other risks startups face. So we tailor our advice according to the totality of a business’s risks and priorities.
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By nearly all metrics, the environment is in worse shape today than it was over 40 years ago at the dawn of the environmental movement. Clearly something isn’t working. Terrain takes a different approach: one that involves granting legal rights to Nature so that the legal system works for the environment rather than against it.
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Bringing heart and soul to one’s work requires courage and a willingness to see beyond what other people say is possible. Our team is made up of individuals who want to have an impact on the world and aren’t afraid to dive in head first to make that happen–time and again.

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Watershed Rights FAQ

Isn’t advocating legal rights for nonhuman entities a bridge too far? Aren’t we better off working existing channels to protect the environment? Yeah, I was

Uncomfortable Connection

We spend more of our lives with our co-workers than we do with our own family. I realized this uncomfortable truth long before I was

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