From outdoor photography, to travel, to skiing with our kids, the members of the Terrain team bring more than just technical excellence to the work we do. We are focused on achieving real and tangible goals for ourselves, for our clients, and for our communities.

Sean Butler, Founder
Dani Brennan
Dargie Bowersock
Kelly Nee
Tom Dillof

Sean Butler, Founder

In private company, I will eventually admit to being a lawyer though not without some lingering fear of being chained to the bottom of the ocean. Growing up in Silicon Valley it was largely a foregone conclusion that I would end up in the technology industry, and as a former philosophy major who got tired of asking ‘would you like fries with that,’ becoming a technology lawyer seemed a logical choice (at the time, anyway).

But law school and over a decade of practice as a corporate lawyer never diminished my interest in questions of meaning, human identity, and a heartfelt connection with the natural world. Becoming a husband, father, and member of a community further cemented my conviction that the fate of humanity is inextricably linked to the health of our surrounding environment. However, I have also realized that building and supporting sustainable environmental systems inherently requires a sustainable approach to the economy–and vice versa.

I created Terrain in order to weave together these various threads from my personal and professional lives in hopes of creating new avenues for engagement on these topics. And although I like to refer to myself as a reluctant lawyer, I believe that responsible, creative lawyers have an important role to play in driving innovation both in Silicon Valley and the environmental movement.

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